Traveling to Groningen

The spring school will take place in Groningen, a city in the north of the Netherlands. To travel to Groningen, it is easiest to fly into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) and from there take a train to Groningen. The train terminal is located inside the airport, trains to Groningen leave twice an hour (once an hour there is a direct train; the other time take the train to “Leeuwarden” and transfer to the Groningen train in Zwolle; this is usually just a transfer across the platform). For departure times and all other train information, see ns.nl. Use ‘Schiphol’ as your departure station, and Groningen as your destination.

Spring School – 27 to 31 March, 2023

The spring school will take place at the Bernoulliborg (Nijenborgh 9; 9747AG Groningen), which is located at the university campus Zernike to the north of the city (to be confirmed). The Zernike Complex can be reached easily by bus 1 and 15 from the main station and from the Grote Markt in the center of Groningen. You can either use Google Maps or OV9292 to look up travel times. The location is indicated on the map below.

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