Spring School

We are happy to announce the sixth Groningen Spring School on Cognitive Modeling (27 to 31 March 2023)!

This year, the Spring School will cover three different modeling paradigms: ACT-R, Nengo, and PRIMs. Each of these topics consists of a series of lectures, as well as a number of hands-on exercises (tutorials).

Past years have shown that students get most out of the spring school if they really emerge themselves into one modeling paradigm. We therefore recommend you choose one paradigm for which you will attend both the lectures as well as the tutorials. In addition, you can select a second paradigm, for which you attend the lectures only.

To give students a broader picture, there will be three guest lectures throughout the week. These lectures each give an introduction to yet another modeling paradigm: accumulator models (Leendert van Maanen), error-driven learning models (Jacolien van Rij), and dynamical systems (Herbert J├Ąger). Everyone is encouraged to attend those lectures.

To round of the program, there will be a poster session, where students present themselves and their research, as well as a city tour and our (in)famous spring school dinner.

Registration is now closed.

Please note that, due to its interactive character, the spring school will be held as offline-only event. We will not offer the option for hybrid or online learning.

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